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Things You Wish You Could Say to the Mean Mom

30 Things You Wish You Could Say to the Mean Mom

As soon as you get pregnant, you enter into a new stage of life filled with a variety of other moms. From maternity groups to the school PTA, some of these women will be supportive outlets, and you'll form strong bonds with both them and their children. But for other mom "friends," you only interact with them because you have to. Although you would never explicitly tell her what you thought of her — unless she pushed you enough — these are the 30 things you'd absolutely love to say.

  1. You're embarrassing yourself.
  2. This is coming from a place of insecurity and it isn't making you look cool.

  3. I don't care. My kid doesn't care. And most importantly, YOUR kid doesn't care.
  4. Just wait until your kiddo becomes a teen — they live what they learn from you.
  5. Moms should support each other, not tear each other down.
  6. If you can't teach your kid "if you have nothing nice to say, don't say it all," what is it that you can teach them?
  7. This is why you don't get along with the other moms.
  8. I need an extra glass of wine to be in the same room as you.
  9. This isn't high school.
  10. You need a hobby — that isn't being mean to other moms who are just trying to do the best we can.
  11. Your mother raised you better than that.
  12. Bye, Felicia.
  13. There's a reason people are the biggest fan of your kid.
  14. You're hurting your child, not helping.
  15. I'd rather not be around you, which is a shame because your kiddo is pretty great.
  16. Your child must take after their father.
  17. That time I told you how much I liked your outfit? It was a lie.
  18. Same with that time I told you I was busy and couldn't attend the event at your house; I just really didn't want to go.
  19. I'm a better mom simply based on the fact that I set a better example for my child.
  20. I'm literally counting down the days until our kids go to different schools so I don't have to deal with you again.
  21. You embarrass your partner.
  22. Karma's a b*tch and so is your attitude.
  23. Were you always like this?
  24. What happened in your life to make you like this?
  25. Even your kids think you're unbearable.
  26. You don't deserve such sweet kids.
  27. Lose my number.
  28. And my email address.
  29. You're making bigger messes for your kid to clean up.
  30. I invited your kid because I respect my child's choice in friends — not because I enjoy spending time with you.
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