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Time-Lapse Video of Pregnant Woman Moving in a Circle

These Are the 7 Questions We Have For the Woman in This Time-Lapse Pregnancy Video

Time-lapse videos depicting the many stages of pregnancy are nothing new. They're so typical, in fact, that my eyes immediately glaze over when a new one crosses my digital path. But for some reason, when I watched this Reddit-posted GIF showing a woman moving in a circle over the course of her nine-month pregnancy until the moment where — poof! — there's a baby, I couldn't look away. First of all, it was quick (it clocked in at five seconds), but it had me completely mesmerized. After I realized I'd been watching the same clip on repeat, maybe 20 or 30 times, I forced myself to blink, looked away, then looked right back with a list of stream-of-consciousness follow-up questions:

  1. Where'd she get that top?
  2. How aren't her feet swelling even a little bit?
  3. Those high-waisted skinny jeans zip up the side?!
  4. Wait, how is she still able to shimmy into those at all when she's nine months along? Did her hips really not expand?!
  5. Her hair got so thick and voluminous! Has someone told her it's going to fall out?
  6. Is it just me or is her beaming smile fading? Ah, the joys of pregnancy.
  7. OK, can that baby be any cuter?

We may never have answers, but — based on this time-consuming yet clever video idea and her amazing nonmaternity maternity style — we all now have some seriously unattainable pregnancy goals.

Image Source: Reddit user letswatch
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