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Toddler Drowns at Day Care

15-Month-Old Drowns in Day Care's Pond

Tragedy has struck a New Jersey town, after a 15-month-old boy drowned at his day care. The toddler was in the care of Roxanne Lacy, owner of Sunshine Daycare in Millville, at the time of the incident. According to reports, Lacy was tending to another child when she lost track of the toddler. She later found him lying in a 1-foot-deep goldfish pond in the backyard. The boy was rushed to a nearby hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.

Police say that the death appears to be an accident but have still launched an investigation. The Millville Police, the Cumberland County Prosecutor's Office, and New Jersey's Child Protection and Permanency Division are all looking into the incident and trying to determine whether or not Lacy was licensed to operate a day care out of her home. Neighbors say she has been running the day care for years and describe her as "very protective, very friendly, a nice woman." Neither Lacy nor the boy's family have talked to the media.

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