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Tyler Perry Offers to Pay For Funeral of Atlanta Twins

What an Overprotective Mom Wants Her Twins to Know After They Were Found Dead in a Hot Car

Breal Ellis is suffering the unthinkable: coping with the deaths of her twins after they were left alone in a hot car. Her 15-month-old daughters, Ariel and Alaynah North, died last week after being left in a closed, hot vehicle by their father, Asa North, who was reportedly drunk at the time.

The mom of the girls, who previously suffered through the death of a child in 2014, told local news that she has since been overprotective of her kids. The day of the instance, Breal was at her sister's side at a nearby Atlanta hospital after she was injured in a car accident. She told the station that it was the first day she's ever left them alone. "I just want to tell them sorry," she said tearfully.

ABC News reports that the mom had hopes of holding a proper burial for her daughters but could not afford funeral costs.

While a GoFundMe campaign has been set up to raise funds for the grieving mom, actor and director Tyler Perry became aware of the devastating news and offered to pay for the funeral expenses of the young children. Whether Breal accepted Perry's offer is still not yet confirmed, but our thoughts are with her during this incredibly tough time.

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