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Photo of a Grandmother Breastfeeding Her Granddaughter
1 Grandma Stepped Up to Feed Her Granddaughter, and Yep, It Definitely Takes a Village
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"Baby Shark" Fingerling
Kid Shopping
If You Don't Get Your Kids These "Baby Shark" Fingerlings, Do You Really Have a Toddler?

Video of Baby and Dog Dancing When Dad Comes Home

This Baby and Dog's Reaction to Seeing Their Dad Come Home Will Make Your Day

Whether you have a dog or not, you know that nothing beats the sheer joy that a pup experiences when he knows that his owner is home. But when you add a baby in the mix, all bets are off! When this adorable duo saw a car pull up in the driveway, they realized at the exact same time that it meant their daddy was home. They immediately broke out into a matching happy dance, complete with synchronized arm flailing. From the tail shaking to the excited leg stomping, what could be cuter?

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