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Video of Cat Reacting to a Dog Who Farted in His Sleep

This Dog Farted in Its Sleep — and LOL — the Cat Is Not Having It 1 Bit

Ever shared a bed with someone on a regular basis? Then you're probably well-aware that sometimes their bodily functions can get the better of them, especially when they're sleeping. And while we would never condone hitting our partners, the animal kingdom clearly has different rules judging by this viral video. Everything starts out pretty normal — a seemingly sweet cat looks on while their fellow four-legged friend is taking a snooze. But things quickly escalate when the dog lets out a not-so-subtle fart that kitty clearly doesn't approve of. In true cat fashion, the feline's response is a swift smack to the head, and yes, it's absolutely hilarious. So far, the YouTube video has amassed more than 9 million views, because hey, sometimes cats have some serious attitude.

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