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Video of Dad Saving His Toddler From Drowning

This Video of a Dad Jumping Into a Pool to Save His Toddler Serves as a Serious Warning

Baby gates only work when you close them.

Posted by Albert Passavanti on Sunday, June 23, 2019

Albert Passavanti, a father from Palm Beach Gardens, FL, had to act quickly when his 18-month-old son, Rocco, fell into the pool while trying to reach an inflatable ball. Without thinking, the dad did a swan dive over the fence the second he saw Rocco hit the water. The entire incident was caught on the family's Nest camera, proving just how quickly kids can find themselves in danger.

Although Albert was expecting to get pushback, he opted to share the video on Facebook with the caption, "Baby gates only work when you close them," in an effort to warn parents what can happen if they turn their backs for a moment.

"Albert and his brother had their eyes on Rocco, and I was right there, too," Albert's wife, Dawn, told Today. "But if we had been distracted by our phones or cooking on the grill, it could have been minutes before we realized what had happened."

"We knew we were putting ourselves out there for judgment," said Dawn. "But we wanted to show how accidents can happen in a split second. My husband was watching from a lounge chair and was able to react quickly. He scooped Rocco right out."

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