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This 7-Year-Old Just Sang "I Surrender" at a Celine Dion Concert, and Even Celine Was Shocked

At Celine Dion's concert at The Colosseum in Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel and Casino on March 15, the singer handed off her microphone to a fan — a 7-year-old fan — and the venue's over 4,000 guests went absolutely wild. Once she had the mic, Anjali Singh belted out an a cappella snippet of Celine's "I Surrender," and let's just say Celine, despite being a total powerhouse, was shook to her core at the pipes on this little lady.

"Is anybody around who has a pencil or pen or anything? I want her autograph because if she goes to America's Got Talent, maybe she's gonna win, and I'm going to have her autograph," Celine says after the young girl sings. "Can you sign this for me? My name is Celine." LOL.

Watch the video above of Anjali's incredible performance and the rest of her sweet interaction with Celine.

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