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Video of Troll That Farts Glitter at Universal Studios

This Troll at Universal Studios Has 1 Task: Fart Glitter. How Do I Get This Job?

Poppy, who? The main characters of the animated kids' movie Trolls, Poppy and Branch, have been doing meet-and-greets at Orlando's Universal Studios since the 2016 movie gained popularity, but they've been joined by a third party recently — and to say he's literally brought the party with him is an understatement. Guy Diamond, a purple troll who appears in the film, now joins Poppy and Branch as they dance around the park and stop to meet fans and take photos — all while he's completely butt naked. Oh, and he farts glitter.

I just have one question for the person in the Guy Diamond suit: how did you get this job, and can I take it over for you when you're tired of scrubbing glitter off yourself at the end of a long day of farting and dancing?

The troll, whose tush is preeeetty defined (lol), has been garnering a variety of reactions since pushing out his first glitter fart in the KidZone area of the park. "I vote for @UniversalORL glitter farting troll for the halftime show next year," one Twitter user wrote. Another added, "Dare I say, the greatest meet and greet of all time?"

Yes, I truly think it is. Watch Guy Diamond in action in the video above!

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