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What Daughters Want From Fathers

7 Things Daughters Really Want From Their Dads

We're happy to present this article by Alex Alexander from one of our favorite sites, YourTango.

Dear Dad,

You're doing an awesome job. Thanks for the extra-cash that one night when I was waiting for my direct deposit to clear and thanks, too, for being as horrified as I am now by the tattoo that's forever etched on my lower back. (You were right; it's trashy.) Thanks for helping me pay for college and for editing my resume and for telling me that my make-up didn't match my skin-tone. (Yikes; I've deleted all photos from 2007.)

Keep on doing what you're doing because you mostly get it right, but I just wanted to write you to let you know that there's a few more things I need from you (I know, I'm greedy). These are the things I find a little bit harder to say to you in person, but they're important nonetheless as we continue this dad/daughter journey together:

  1. I want you tell me I'm beautiful.
  2. It's not weird or creepy. You're setting the tone for how I expect future men in our life to treat me. I know you're the strong, silent type who acknowledges his feelings through actions, not words, but please try. I seek this validation and if I don't get it from you, I'll spend the rest of my life searching for it.

  3. I want to feel protected.
  4. Even though I act mortified when you joke about not letting me date until I'm 40, the truth is, I want to feel like a special commodity to be cherished. Which leads me to...

  5. I want you to screen my potential boyfriends.
  6. TSA-style, yo. It's not overbearing; it shows you care and that you demand perfection (or at least, an attempt at perfection) from any gentleman-caller who wants to take me out for a cocktail. But HARD PASS on showing him your gun collection; that's just ... no.

  7. I love when you act sweet around Mom.
  8. As long as the PDA isn't overly-offensive, it makes me happy to see that you're still totally in love (and lust!) with the woman I look up to most. It makes me believe in the concept of marriage and the concept of forever, especially in a society that seems to devalue these things more and more everyday.

  9. I need you to lose the fanny-pack.
  10. I'm not sure how you've managed to squirrel away that monstrosity away for so many years but I regret to inform you it will not be making the trip to Europe with us this year. Neither will your cell-phone holster or your Sea World t-shirt. Sorry. You gave birth to a woman who has style; trust me on this.

  11. I secretly love when you tell people about my accomplishments.
  12. Again, I'll act embarrassed when you begin reciting our resume to the Starbucks barista/air-conditioning guy/anyone who will listen, but inside: I love that you're proud of me. Your validation means the world to me — and nothing makes me happier to know that I've done well in your eyes. That being said...

  13. I need you to give me a break sometimes.
  14. I will inevitably fail, as one does, and in those moments, I need you to pick me back up, not with criticism or eyerolls or impatience, but with love. As I said in #6, I love when you're proud of me but if your love only gleams when I've accomplished something, I may start to become addicted to your validation, which is unhealthy. It's critical to let me know that you're proud of me, no matter — the job, the boyfriend, the salary, the lifestyle choice. I need your unconditional love most.

Your daughter

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