What Is Jitter Glitter?

This Teacher Sent Her Students “Jitter Glitter” to Curb Students’ School Anxiety, and It’s Genius

Getting your kiddos all geared up to head back to the classroom can be super nerve-racking, especially if they have anxiety. But Jayne Hardy, a mom from England, believes there may be a simple way to quell those overwhelming feelings: Jitter Glitter. In a recent tweet, Jayne explained how her 4-year-old daughter, Peggy, got a little present to celebrate her first day of kindergarten in the mail from her teacher.

"Peggy is starting school this week and has just received a letter from her teacher with a bag of 'jitter glitter' to put under her pillow to help with any nerves she might have," she wrote. "I can't get over how thoughtful this is."

She also shared a photo of the corresponding poem that came attached to the bag and explained how the "cool" glitter "will help you sleep through the night" when sprinkled under their pillows.

Although Jayne has made it a point to talk to Peggy about going to kindergarten, as a mom she appreciated the timely reassurance.

"We made sure we spoke about school throughout the holidays," Jayne told Babble. "When we drove past, we would all wave, and we spoke about nerves, what they feel like and ways to cope with them." She added that: "As someone who campaigns for mental health awareness, I felt incredibly reassured that Peggy was going to be in the care of someone who would be mindful of her emotional needs."

If you're looking to steal this idea but glitter isn't really your thing, try scrapping the sprinkling aspect and just keep it in a plastic baggie instead. Scroll through to see all the positive reactions to this sweet idea.

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