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What Moms Think Before Dinner

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Dinner can turn into a bit of a daily drama, which is why we partnered with KFC® Popcorn Nuggets to share honest (and silly) concerns all parents have before calling everyone to the table.

Gathering the whole family together for a daily meal is a feat in itself. Add in picky eaters, stressed adults, and tight timelines, and dinner can turn into one of the most challenging parts of the day. But once everyone sits down and digs in, it's such a wonderful feeling. Taking the moment to spend time with your family gives everyone the chance to chat about their day, share big wins, and really connect. Here are some random thoughts all parents have leading up to the big event.

  • Maybe I should check Pinterest for some new chicken recipes? Oh, it's already 5 — never mind.
  • Did I eat lunch yet? Must have forgot.
  • Wait — did I pack the kids' leftover pizza for lunch? So that means no pizza tonight, right?
  • I'm wondering if the kids will remember to set the table without being asked first.
  • Did I get the laundry done today?
  • How old do kids need to be before they can use the oven?
  • It would be awesome if the whole family was excited about what I make for dinner.
  • Cooking makes me hungry.
  • What can you make with frozen spinach and baked beans?
  • I love casserole. Everything should be made as a casserole. Fried chicken casserole, mashed potato casserole . . .
  • Did I say it was OK for the neighbor's kids to eat over tonight? Might as well double whatever I'm making — we can eat the leftovers later in the week.
  • Do people really prep all their meals on Sundays?
  • Maybe we should just use paper plates tonight.
  • I just want dinner to be magical.
  • Have I even looked through those cookbooks on the kitchen counter?
  • If anyone complains about dinner, they're on cooking duty for the next week. Even if it's the 2-year-old.
  • I would really like fried chicken for dinner.
  • So happy the kids are on cleanup duty.
  • Hopefully everyone's caught up on homework. I can't take common core math right tonight.
  • I never make what I want to eat. Why is that?
  • Maybe I should just puree spinach in with the pasta sauce.
  • Why is it that my kids won't eat green things? Is that normal?
  • They really should eat everything on their plate, but I don't want to cause my kids to have any food issues.
  • Maybe tonight's takeout night? Where are my keys?

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