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What to Remember About Your Last Baby

If You Think You're Done Having Kids, This Mom's Post Might Change Your Mind

So often, we as parents celebrate the firsts. The first smile, first word, first steps. Rarely, if ever, do we celebrate the lasts. And with good reason: often, they happen without us quite noticing, and more often than that, the mere thought can be too painful to bear.

Lindsay Ferrier, a Nashville mom, wrote about the emotional experience she had on the day her last child was born in a blog post that recently resurfaced on Facebook.

"From that day onward, this strange brew of feelings will remain inside you — because every single one of your youngest child's firsts will also be your lasts," she wrote.


She reminds us about the bittersweet feelings we'll have when our youngest baby outgrows those onesies, teether toys, and bottles that we'll "no longer save for the next baby," and she acknowledges that this final kiddo can't help but have a different upbringing: "You won't do a lot of the things with the last one that you did with your firstborn, because you've been through it all before and frankly, most of it was completely unnecessary."

Read on, and try not to openly weep about all the moments you'll be saying goodbye to with your last child. Except for changing diapers. We can all toast to the last time we have to do that.

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