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Who Is Narrating the Pandas Movie?

Cuteness Overload: The Official PANDAS Trailer Is Here, and You'll Never Guess Who's Narrating It

Ask people on the street what the cutest baby animal is and no doubt, at least a few of them will blurt out "Pandas!" with gusto. Have a soft spot for these black-and-white cuddly balls of adorableness? Then you're in luck, because Warner Bros. Pictures released a trailer for one of its latest projects, PANDAS, and yes, watching them climb all over each other is beyond mesmerizing.

The original IMAX film takes viewers on a wild ride throughout China to the soothing voice of a narrator who sounds awfully familiar: Kristen Bell. If you have little Frozen-obsessed kiddos prancing around the house, you'll recognize her voice instantly. The movie is set to hit theaters this April, so keep your eyes peeled for these little ones rolling around, bottle in hand.

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