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Why Parents Want Summer to End

There's a Good Reason Parents Want Summer to Be Over After Just 13 Days

If you're like most parents, you've got just a few more days before you want Summer — that season you looked forward to all year long — to be over already.

According to a survey commissioned by Groupon, parents are ready for Summer break to end after just 13 days at home with their kids. More than half of the 2,000 parents polled said they get stressed out trying to keep their children busy over break, and 75 percent are ready for their kids to go back to school come August.

The reason behind this seasonal parental anxiety? Although seven out of 10 adults felt prepared for Summer, the majority worry their plans won't live up to their children's expectations, and 64 percent even feel as though they are letting their kids down if they don't give them experiences similar to those their friends or classmates are having.

"It's totally normal to experience some stress and anxiety when planning all the fun that you're going to have together this Summer."

Other top causes of Summer-induced stress included "letting the kids stay in the house rather than going outside to play, lacking awareness of where to find affordable children's activities in their community, worrying about the impact of rising gas prices, and letting their children spend too much time in front of their electronic devices."

Perhaps most surprising, however, is just how much parents are willing to spend to ensure their kids have meaningful Summer experiences. The survey showed that throughout the entire 12-week season, parents will spend an average of $7,333.80.

"Parents love spending time with their kids, but it's totally normal to experience some stress and anxiety when planning all the fun that you're going to have together this Summer," said Groupon's Brian Fields. "The parents we interviewed said they've found the most success by not overthinking the situation and turning to affordable activities in their local community."

The parents who took part in the survey cited amusement parks as the No. 1 way to get kids out of the house, followed by a trip to the movie theater, the zoo, or by going camping.

Still at a loss? The top factor parents considered when planning a Summer activity was to simply make sure it involved "quality family time." Most parents also sought excursions that "teach them something new," have a good "balance of fun and culture," and provide "something for their kids to talk about" when they're back at school.

And, sure enough, those nostalgic stories of Summer will make you yearn for it all year. And the cycle continues!

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