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Why People Need to Stop Body Shaming New Moms

This Mom's Video on Postbaby Bodies Will Have You Nodding in Agreement

If you've had a baby, you know the struggle — and the enormous amount of pressure — new moms face when it comes to getting back to prebaby shape. Tova Leigh, an actress and writer based in the UK, has been there, and that's why she released a hilarious new video that has a pretty clear message: back off women who've just had kids!

In the Facebook video, Tova opens up by saying, "There's a lot of pressure on women to bounce back. You know? To go back to looking exactly how we did before we became moms."

The hilarious mom, who claims to still look like she's six months pregnant after giving birth to her last baby (and not caring one iota), thinks there are other more important things to worry about when it comes to a woman's postpartum body, like the tiny detail of making sure her organs are back where they're supposed to be. "Her internal organs actually move out of the way for this amazing miracle that is happening in her body. So when she gives birth, her body is too busy making sure her liver is not shoved up her throat," she reminds everyone.


From there, the mother of three goes into what she considers another major struggle that deserves more attention than "bouncing back": being able to sit down postdelivery. "Our baby, God bless him with that big head, ripped the sh*t out of us, so we've got like 300 stitches down there."

And to end it all, we get to bodily fluids and everything you already know breastfeeding women go through when it comes to producing milk, aka from leaking in a staff meeting at work to waking up in a puddle of milk at night.

The takeaway from the video? Even though society's obsessed with new moms getting back down to their prebaby weight, Tova couldn't care less and neither should you. So ignore that celebrity mom's Instagram photo, and go back to working at your own pace.

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