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The Touching Reason This Woman Doesn't Want Her Miscarriage to Be a Secret

Jenny Chen isn't alone, but she often feels that way. That's a sentiment women who've suffered miscarriages know all too well.

That's why she decided to take on the "tough but rewarding project" of creating a video about her miscarriage experience, which included unsympathetic doctors, a devastating complication, and the frustration with what she could post on Facebook.

"I first thought my miscarriage was shameful and unusual," she said. "I've since learned that it's just something women don't want to talk about — but should."

Watch her story, and know that if you've had a miscarriage, you are not, in fact, alone. To prove it, Jenny — who is working on a book that anthologizes other women's struggles — is encouraging women to share their story and use the hashtag #IHadaMiscarriage.

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