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Young Boy Singing Adele's "Hello"

You Have No Choice but to Choke Up as This 11-Year-Old Boy Performs "Hello"

Wow!! DID this 11 year old boy just sing Hello better than Adele?! Let's make him go viral the world needs to see this!! He deserves it! #ShareEveryone follow and like Tryzdin Music page!!!!Here is the link to his page!! <--------Also follow Tristian Lucas <-------- for new videos

Posted by Tristian Lucas on Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Adele has proven time and time again that she is the queen and her voice reigns supreme, but an 11-year-old boy just completely usurped the throne. In a video posted to Facebook with over 23 million views (!!!), Tryzdin Grubbs performs his own rendition of "Hello" while watching a football game, and it's clear from the reactions of the people in the room that no one expected to hear such a powerful, controlled voice come from a young boy.

Watch the video to hear his incredibly emotional performance (and Adele, watch your back).

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