This SNL Skit Was Made For All the Parents Who Tried (and Failed) to Understand Fortnite

"Let's go, squad!" While hosting Saturday Night Live on Sept. 29, Adam Driver stepped into the relatable role of "parent who's just trying his best" for a skit, and we can't stop chuckling. The actor played "Mr. McTavish," a dad who logs onto Fortnite in an attempt to learn more about his son (and compete with his ex-wife's husband Rick). He joins the "squad" with two teenagers, who try to teach him the ropes of the game — but it appears he's hilariously beyond help.

From the way he holds the controller, to his anger when he learns there are guns used in the game, Driver's Mr. McTavish is pretty much a spot-on parent impersonation. Next time you find yourself confused by the ins and outs of this teen gaming obsession, give yourself a laugh by watching this video instead. Hey, we're all trying our best, right?

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Fortnite Squad - SNL