Amanda Kloots's Siblings Made a Touching Montage of Their Last 95 Days of Coparenting Elvis

Broadway star Nick Cordero died at the age of 41 on July 5 after 95 days of battling COVID-19 and the complications it caused. His wife, Amanda Kloots, stayed open and honest throughout Nick's time in the hospital, keeping fans updated through raw videos and Instagram captions. Now, the fitness trainer is showing fans the other side of her last 95 days: her time spent coparenting her and Nick's 1-year-old son, Elvis, with her two siblings, Todd and Anna.

In a video titled "The Silver Linings," pieces of Amanda's life with her family and son from April through June play over music. "How do you get through the hardest time in your life? Family," Amanda wrote in the caption. "I woke up to this video my sister made for me. She titled it, The Silver Linings. I have always been lucky to have a family that loves to be together and to support each other. I'm even luckier to have Nicks family and extended family that are the same."

Throughout the video, Amanda's family can be seen cooking, dancing, singing, exercising, caring for Elvis, and even celebrating his first birthday on June 10. "This video captures these last 95 days. The love, the exhaustion, the bonds, the smiles, the song, the exercise, the hard work, the care, support and most of all love. They did all of this for Nick, Elvis and I- selfless time from their lives to be with us," Amanda wrote, adding an urge to her followers to take stock of the brights spots in life and the love that surrounds you. "In times of trauma, look for the silver linings. Spend time with family. Smile through the tears. Have faith when things seem impossible. Love one another."