This Hormonal Cycle-Based Skincare Line Is What Pregnant and Breastfeeding Mamas Need

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Ever notice how closely correlated your skin's condition and hormonal cycles are? So did the geniuses behind Amareta, an enlightened beauty brand that tailors its products to women's specific hormonal changes. "We believe that beauty routine should be customized to each phase of the hormonal cycle and tailored to specific skin needs to deliver best results," Amareta writes on its website. The specific phases Amareta addresses include menstruation, pregnancy, and breastfeeding.

As if thoughtfully designed skin care for your specific hormonal makeup wasn't impressive enough, Amareta also has a conscience; it won't put anything questionable into its products, banning over 40 ingredients many other natural skincare brands commonly use and keeping products free of hormone-disrupting chemicals and any synthetic preservatives or fragrances.

So what ingredients does Amareta include? Its Tender Care Breast Oil ($68) is made of sweet almond oil and evening primrose oil to soothe chapped and sensitive skin and ease pain from nursing. And the Grow Together Belly Oil ($36) is filled with skin-nourishing ingredients — to prevent stretch marks and support elasticity — and subtle fragrances to soothe expecting moms. It was even lauded by one reviewer as the only thing that helped her belly itching!

There are many skincare choices for expecting and postpartum mamas you can check out on Amareta's website, but if you can't decide which one is best, we suggest you go for one of its helpful packages, such as the 1st Trimester Set ($70) or the Nursing Set ($95). Genius, we know.