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Apple's Emotional Holiday Ad 2019

Apple Released a Sob-Inducing Ad About What the Holidays Are Like When You Lose a Spouse

I'm not sure what it is about commercials, but I'm 100-percent guaranteed to shed a tear anytime I watch one that even slightly tugs at the heartstrings, and Apple's latest ad is certainly no exception. The just-over-three-minute commercial centers on a family of four who's traveling to visit their grandfather over the holidays.

While the clip opens with a scene all-too-familiar to parents — daughters bickering and the stress of taking children on a plane — the video takes an emotional turn when it becomes clear their grandfather recently lost his wife. While visiting, the girls learn a little bit more about their grandparents' relationship and opt to give their grandfather a special gift: a photo montage of their family, including their late nana. Once they whip that iPad out, you immediately know where the ad is headed, and yes, in case you were wondering, I am bawling on the couch right now. Watch until the end to appreciate why family is so important, especially over the holidays.

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