Cool or Uptight? What Your Sign Says About You as an Aunt

Being an aunt is pretty freaking awesome. You get to take part in the growth of some amazing children all while being able to go home at the end of the day to your quiet and clean private space. When you first find out that you're going to be an aunt, one of the first things you might think about is what kind of aunt you'll be. From cool aunts who know all the best spots to laid-back and artistic aunts, there's a style that fits everyone. And since the stars have a big say in who we are, you can use your sign to see what kind of aunt you will be (or are!).

  1. Capricorn. This loyal sign will always be there for their nieces and nephews, whether it's for a conversation or to be picked up from school. To them, family and responsibility are very important and they will do what they can for the ones they love. However, just because they are exceptionally loyal, don't expect the Capricorn aunt to be kissing any boo-boos or supporting bad decisions. Known for not suffering any sense of foolishness, a Capricorn aunt expects that the children also accept responsibility and handle bad moments with maturity.
  2. Aquarius. An Aquarius aunt is definitely a fun aunt . . . when they're around. This jet-setting, adventurous sign likes to keep things moving, especially to the beat of their own drum. This aunt encourages art, music, and creativity and probably comes with gifts from wherever they just got back from. While the Aquarius aunt offers a lot of love, don't expect to tie them down for any long-term babysitting.
  3. Pisces. This sign embraces going with the flow and will be the kind of aunt who can lend a hand at a moment's notice. When mom needs a minute to herself, the Pisces aunt is the first to put on her walking shoes and take the kids to the park, where they can explore the world around them. This aunt may be a little judgmental at times of Mom's parenting decisions, but they're always willing to forgive and listen.
  4. Aries. The Aries aunt is definitely not comfortable with taking the back seat. Think of this sign as another parent, eager to give advice, help, and encourage their nieces and nephews to be the best. While this might be a little exhausting for the parents, eventually they'll learn to love and appreciate that kind of support.
  5. Taurus. Not being the most flexible sign, the Taurus aunt really works best when given a lot of time to plan. However, they're eager and willing to help, as long it's a practical task. Don't expect this aunt to come up with creative play for her niece or nephew, but she'll definitely be there to help build blocks and clean up afterward.
  6. Gemini. Depending on what kind of mood she's in, a Gemini aunt can be a great listener and very nurturing. This compassionate sign is gentle and affectionate, so expect this aunt to the be one the kids turn to when they need to talk. There is the potential for the Gemini aunt to need some space, but they never like to be alone for very long and thrive in a playful setting that involves lots of talking.
  7. Cancer. A Cancer aunt is a mom's best friend, since she will be your first line of defense when it comes to any potential mom-shaming. This feisty sign is happy to take children on excursions, but don't expect them to make friends with new moms in the process. Very protective of their family unit, this sign likes to keep their loved ones close.
  8. Leo. Be very careful of the Leo aunt. Known for being fun loving, this sign can get into trouble since they love playing like children do. This is the aunt who is first to go down a dangerous slide or decide to play with bubbles indoors. While they mean well, this playful nature might need to be put in check occasionally.
  9. Virgo. Virgos like to tinker, and the Virgo aunt is no different. If the niece or nephew has a problem, the Virgo aunt will find some way of trying to help. Thankfully, their thoughtfulness and planning abilities are helpful in this situation. Virgo aunts will also encourage the children to be as powerful and fierce as they are.
  10. Libra. Don't expect the Libra aunt to be dolling out any punishment. While they like to keep things fair, they also aren't strict disciplinarians. Instead, this sign is more likely to take their niece and nephew to a protest or help in the neighborhood some way. They want the world to be a more fair place and want these children to help along the way.
  11. Scorpio. While a strong sign, this aunt might get caught up in arguments, with and about the children. Don't expect this sign to hold their tongue, because they're going to tell you what they think. While they may get a little heated, Scorpio aunts are also great secret keepers and will surely earn the trust of every kid in the family.
  12. Sagittarius. This aunt will be the first to document every move, which is great since moms are rarely in pictures. While it might seem a bit obsessive at times, what they really want to do is keep track of how fast these children are growing. This is a loving sign that will do anything for her family.