These "Auto" Toothbrushes Help Your Little Kids Brush on Their Own — Hallelujah!

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Attention, parents! The need to fight tooth (literally) and nail through your family's morning routine is over (OK, part of it is over). Hopefully gone are the days of your kids sucking the toothpaste off their brush and shouting, "Done!" — or worse, crying through you trying to force-brush their tiny teeth — thanks to a genius kids' toothbrush called the AutoBrush.

Although the AutoBrush looks nothing like a typical toothbrush and much more like a teeth-whitening contraption, it's designed to clean even the smallest toddler teeth in addition to big-kid teeth (there are even adult versions!). The rechargeable electric toothbrush comes in four animal designs for kids — Mattie the Monkey, Harley the Hippo, Lenni the Lion, and Ziggy the Zebra — and using them is easy: simply fill the top and bottom of the mouthpiece (available in two sizes — one for kids ages 3-7, and one for kids ages 8 and up) with AutoBrush's foaming toothpaste, bite down on the silicone mouthpiece and its bristles, and push the button, which starts up a 30-second musical timer, fun lights, and vibrations. Rinse off the antibacterial silicone mouthpiece with some water, and voila!

The "brush" is designed to get to all of your kids' teeth at once — including those pesky ones in the back! — even if they have braces on, but its biggest benefit is that it allows for kids to brush their teeth independently. Although other kids' toothbrushes feature music, timers, and lights, it's hard to control where they brush and how long they spend in each area. The AutoBrush takes the guessing out of kiddo teeth brushing and makes it a fun process for them — one that will hopefully speed up your morning routine.

Your kids might still lose one of their shoes every single morning and dilly-dally through breakfast, but at least their teeth will be clean! Ahead, shop all four animal AutoBrush styles for kids.