This Automatic Pot Stirrer Is the Set-It-and-Forget It of Kitchen Gadgets

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If there's a recipe that calls for constant stirring, you better believe that's the exact moment that my daughter also starts stirring. She'll play by herself quietly when I don't need her to, but the very moment I need a few minutes to cook, that's when she wants to be picked up or to run around the house. And of course, I do my best to avoid holding her when I'm near the stove.

That's why this Automatic Pan Stirrer ($29) is incredibly appealing. It is battery-operated, has three speeds, and is self-rotating. That means you can go do something else while it's working! I cannot tell you the number of times pasta has stuck to the bottom of a pot because I left the stove to play with my child and forgot to whoosh the water and noodles around. This product is genius.