Please Be Mindful of Buying WIC Products While Grocery Shopping Amid the Coronavirus Outbreak

As we continue to stock up on supplies to self-isolate during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, Twitter users are reminding each other how important it is to be mindful of those families who rely on WIC-approved products to sustain themselves. "People who use WIC to feed their kids can't switch to another brand or kind of food," Twitter user Suit Up Maine wrote in a tweet. "If a store runs out of WIC-approved options, they will go home empty-handed."

Participants in WIC — a government nutritional assistance program made for women, infants, and children — can only purchase certain products when grocery shopping, making options limited, especially during this stressful time. For this reason, celebrities like Kerry Washington and Janelle Monáe are urging anyone who goes shopping to be mindful of community members who rely on WIC and to keep an eye out for WIC symbols on products in stores.

Size, font, and color of the WIC label can vary depending on the store, so it's important to take a few extra seconds when doing your grocery run to read price labels on shelves before you add anything to your cart. Despite the confusing times we live in, we can all do our part to help each other by taking a few minutes to be considerate of one another's needs. So be mindful, and find out more about how to help others in your community during the coronavirus outbreak.