Ayesha Curry on Racism in the US: "I Don't Want My Children to Have to Experience This"

Ayesha Curry is determined to have honest conversations with her children about racism in the US. While speaking with Shape, she discussed how the current demonstrations are making her hopeful for the world her three children — Riley, 8, Ryan, 5, and Canon, 2 — live in going forward.

"I go through so many emotions," she said. "Sometimes I want to cry. Sometimes, seeing people from all walks of life stand up for justice and fight for what's right, makes me feel like, Wow, people are inherently good, and the universe is giving us an opportunity to weed out the bad."

Because Ayesha wants to be transparent with her kids, she makes it a priority to candidly answer any questions they may have.

"I think about my parents experiencing this, and their parents experiencing this, and I'm like, I don't want my children to have to experience this," explained Ayesha. "There's this intense and innate need to make sure we see it through, so this doesn't continue. With Black Lives Matter, our oldest is asking questions, and we don't tiptoe around the answers. That is allowing us to raise really strong, independent, mindful children."

On June 7, the 31-year-old mom shared photos of herself and Riley at a Black Lives Matter protest, captioning the pictures: "The kids are watching, listening and learning. What will you have them retain? Let's get it right for them so they don't have to for their children."

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