The Story Behind This Mom Breastfeeding Her Baby With Stage 3 Brain Cancer Will Blow You Away

Shortly after their baby girl was born, Ana Pittis and Jaimy Verhagen were confronted with devastating news: Xenia had a rare brain tumor.

The little girl was just 2 months old when she was diagnosed with a stage three anaplastic ependymoma brain tumor that doctors believe she was born with. This malignant and aggressive tumor caused her small head to swell, and within a month she had to undergo three different operations. Radiation following surgery is the most common treatment for this form of cancer, but because of Xenia's young age, she has to endure six cycles of chemotherapy instead.

Now 6 months old, Xenia has already completed four of those grueling rounds, but according to her mom, the tumor has a 95 percent chance of recurrence. Instead of letting those statistics devastate her, Ana is remaining hopeful that her daughter will be the one to beat the odds and is appreciating every moment she can spend with her little fighter.

"I am incredibly happy to have the opportunity to breastfeed her while she goes through chemotherapy," Ana shared with the Facebook group Breastfeeding Mama Talk. "It has been a bonding experience for the both of us, especially because no day is guaranteed."