Fact: This 8-Month-Old's Dwight Schrute Costume Deserves Every Single Dundie

Aaaand the shiny gold Dundie Award for best Halloween costume goes to . . . Jackwell Sheffield! An 8-month-old boy from North Carolina, Jackwell has gone viral for dressing like Dwight Schrute from The Office ahead of Halloween, and his costume simply can't be beet — er, beat.

Jackwell's mother, Jillian, is responsible for the spot-on getup, putting her baby son in a pale yellow button-down shirt, a striped tie, and wire-framed glasses, even parting his tiny tufts of hair down the middle just like Michael Scott's beloved assistant (to the) regional manager. Jillian posed Jackwell on a chair next to a desk lamp, hanging a Dunder Mifflin Paper Company sign and a printout of Dwight's famed acrostic in the background for an added comedic touch. No word on whether Jackwell can raise and lower his cholesterol at will merely through concentration, but hey, his costume is still pretty darn accurate.

What inspired Jillian to dress her infant in such a Schrute-tastic outfit, you ask? It all boiled down to her and her husband's love of The Office, which they watch "every night" after putting Jackwell to bed. "[We] of course love Dwight so we wanted to do something to honor that and his humor," she told POPSUGAR via email. Shortly after Jillian shared a snapshot of her son's hysterical costume, it spread across the internet at speeds between that of a snake and a mongoose (. . . and a panther), even getting reposted by the Barstool Sports Instagram account.

Identity theft may not be a joke and millions of families may suffer every year because of it, but this is one case that we most certainly don't mind.

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