Adorable Baby Dressed as a Lion Came Face to Face With a Real Lion For an Amazing Exchange

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When Cami Fanning took her 11-month-old godson to the zoo, he got the surprise of a lifetime — seeing the lions while dressed in a lion costume! Aryeh, which means lion in Hebrew, came face-to-face with the lions at Zoo Atlanta, where he interacted with his long-lost relatives. "It was a pretty cold day so when we first arrived, the lions weren't out yet," Fanning wrote on YouTube, describing the fateful experience. "We saw the rest of the animals and stopped by the lion exhibit on our way out, saw that the lions were out and put Aryeh in his costume, thinking we'd snap a picture of him with the lions in the background."

But once the lions noticed the baby cub behind the glass, they couldn't get enough of him. Watch the video above to see the incredible moment when Aryeh met the lions, totally cool, calm, and collected.