The Story Behind This Taco Bell-Inspired Smash Is Sweeter Than Any Cake

For the serious foodie, why smash a cake when you can devour a beloved taco? One little one proved that just because other babies pose with sticky frosting and an adorable cake on their first birthday doesn't mean that's the only option.

But the crunchy props for Delta's memorable photo shoot had an even sweeter meaning for her family. "I decided to do tacos because she LOVES food but sweets aren't her favorite," Delta's mom, Monica Phillips, said, according to Julia Marie Photography. "[My husband and I] had our first unofficial date at Taco Bell and my water broke at a Taco Bell drive thru with my second daughter."

Julia Aiello was beyond excited to capture Delta smashing tacos, and the photographer, family, and internet all agree that these photos of the birthday girl sitting there "eating her tacos and enjoying life" are just too cute to handle.