1 Mom Made a "Fortnite Detox" Sign For Back-to-School Season, and It's Flippin' Gold

Jenn Bairos, a mom from Toronto, Canada, and a blogger at A Splendid Messy Life, is the first person to admit going back to school can be an emotional rollercoaster for parents and students alike. But in a recent Facebook post, she highlighted an upside to back-to-school season: less time spent playing Fortnite. In an effort to have parents look at the glass half-full, she made a sign for the school door that reads: "Fortnite Detox Begins at 8:20 AM Thursday" — and yup, it's hilariously accurate.

Jenn added a caption to explain where she got the idea. "Inspired by another middle school, my friend and I created this sign for our students, many of whom are on campus today for orientation with their parents." All we can say is, she definitely has a point!