15 Major Perks of Being Pregnant

It isn't easy spending nine months growing a tiny human being. From swollen feet and stretch marks to leaky bladders and morning sickness, many moms-to-be aren't shy about the less-than-desirable side of pregnancy. But along with the pregnancy brain and waddling, there are some amazing perks that come along with being with child that are far better than the pregnancy glow. Check out these 15 major (and some unexpected) benefits of being pregnant.


People will bring you whatever you want as soon as you decide that you want it.


It's the ultimate excuse for anything you don't want to do.


It's also a solid excuse for anything you want to do.

Whether you're in the mood to buy a new outfit or just feel like taking a nap after eating an ice cream sundae, nobody is going to argue with you.


You have new parking and seating options.


You have a belly shelf.


You can eat what you want when you want it.

Of course it's important to stick to a healthy diet, but when you want to splurge, the options are endless — no matter the time of day.


It's a free pass for comfort over fashion at all times.


You have a new sense of pride (and not insecurity!) over your growing belly.

Enjoy spending nine months without having to suck it in!


Unlimited judgment-free lounging and snoozing.


A reason to shop for anything and everything you want.

The items might not be specifically for you this time around, but a baby registry is just as fun as a wedding registry!


Everyone is a friendlier — extra smiles from strangers, treats from co-workers, and social media "likes" from friends.


You're justified in getting emotional whenever you feel like it.


You don’t need to stress about getting (or not getting) pregnant.