Why I'm Proud to Be a Daddy's Girl — Even as a Grown Woman

POPSUGAR Photography | Alessia Santoro
POPSUGAR Photography | Alessia Santoro

I hear it all the time, especially when my dad and I are together: "You are just like your father!" Usually it comes out of my mom's mouth when my dad and I gang up on her or if she's annoyed because I'd rather do something my way — which is usually my dad's way — than her way. I love my mom, I really, really do, but we just don't have much in common. I'm a daddy's girl through and through.

And proud of it.

For starters, I look like my dad's twin — down to the flat chest — but being a daddy's girl has meant so much more to me than our similar appearances. I was brought up listening to amazing rock music (Mom loves smooth jazz, so really got spared there), I have a thorough knowledge of baseball and the New York Yankees (some of my most impressive talking points), and I can swing a golf club pretty damn well, even though I personally detest the sport, which is the one thing we don't have in common.

I truly believe that there are fewer things in life as powerful as the bond between a father and his little girl (whether she's still little or not), which is why I fully support the notion of the daddy's girl. Here are a few of the things I've gained as a result of being firmly attached to my dad's (tall) hip.

  1. I can always get an honest opinion from my dad, because like many men, he doesn't tend to beat around the bush.
  2. I always have someone looking out for my best interests. Mess with a girl who's close with her dad, and you'll regret it.
  3. I know a ton of "guy things" like changing car tires, installing shelving, putting air conditioners in windows, and using a drill.
  4. I know that no matter what I accomplish in life, he'll be there to cheer me on, give me praise, and tell the world about it.
  5. And when the not-so-great things happen, I know I can rely on him to make things better.
  6. I always have someone to watch baseball and drink beer with.
  7. I have developed the driest sense of humor thanks to him, so we can sit and laugh at each other for hours, which is great for the soul. (This has also helped me to learn how to take a joke much better than most.)
  8. Whenever I need advice, I have a smart, caring, sensible guy to hit me with his best tips and tricks — whether I need help filling out my tax forms (yes, I still need help) or can't decide what to eat for dinner.
  9. I have a (big) shoulder to cry on and someone to listen to me, if that's what I need in the moment.
  10. I know what true love looks like because of the way my dad has loved me and the way he loves my mom — and I have never once settled for someone who didn't deserve me as a result.

I'm a grown woman who sees her dad once a week — if we're lucky — but essentially being his shadow as I grew up has had a huge and positive influence on my life. I couldn't possibly imagine having anyone else for a dad, but I guess that's how most daughters with a father who is their hero feel, right? We're all the luckiest, especially me.