There's a Really Good Reason You Should Only Buy Your Family's Matching Holiday PJs From This Store

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Two years ago, I decided to try out this whole matching holiday pajamas tradition with my own family. I found a cute pair online, bought a few wrong sizes, made a few annoying returns, and finally, finally enjoyed the sweet moment of us all wearing similarly printed nightwear.

The next year, I was eager to do it again — but I don't like to light my money on fire, and as someone who really doesn't need a new pair of rarely worn PJs every 365 days (nor does my husband, who only slept in the first set the one night), I decided I'd just get one for my daughter, who needed a size up.

But of course, the PJ print from the year prior was erased from ecommerce completely. I looked everywhere to find a replacement to no avail.

The next year, I was eager to do the tradition again — but I don't like to light my money on fire, as someone who really doesn't need a new pair of rarely worn PJs every 365 days.

So, I was back at the drawing board, having to buy a whole new family supply of matching pajamas — but this time, I was determined not to make the same mistake twice. That's when I discovered Hanna Andersson, a popular children's clothing store that prides itself on essentially inventing the concept of matching PJs, a line they've been marketing for more than three decades.

The brand has been selling them long enough to know that there are people like me out there, who simply want to make a few sizing updates to their family's PJ line each year without having to start from scratch. Thus, every style, print, and pattern of its popular "Hanna Jams" are always in stock, season after season, year after year. If you bought a Gnome Sweet Gnome set in 2010, you can bet it'll still be available this year. And, after buying the Very Merry Stripes set for the whole family (including our dog!) last year, I only needed to get a new sleeper for my fast-growing toddler this time around.

So, although their prices are higher ($40 for kids, upwards of $60 for adults) than many of the mass retailers shilling out sets, it's a worthy investment. They're made of the cushiest of cotton, their sizing is foolproof, they offer an assortment of cute matching accessories, and in just a year, you'll be saving money — if you plan to stick with the same style every Christmas, you won't need to buy yourself new PJs every time and will generally only need to replace kid sizes every few years. And another bonus: they are almost always on sale.

Ready to make the switch?

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