These Sleep Shorts Banished My Night Sweats, and I've Never Slept So Comfortably

Destination Maternity
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I've always wanted to be someone who wore matching flannel pajama sets, the kind with long sleeves and fabric speckled with Christmas trees or cartoon puppies. Unfortunately, like up to 60 percent of Americans, I suffer from night sweats that make thick, luxurious PJ sets my natural enemies come bedtime.

At no time in my life was this more true than during my recent pregnancy, when I couldn't sleep two hours through the crisp Winter night without waking up clammy. Though I was already sleeping in shorts, my growing belly prompted a trip to Destination Maternity, where, like a moth to a flame, I was drawn to the brand's Ruched Waist Maternity Sleep Shorts ($15).

These shorts are incredible. The breathable blend of cotton, polyester, and spandex makes for some of the softest material to ever grace the curves of my booty. The ruched sides ensure that whether I'm growing a human or digesting a burrito, I'm free to let my belly loose without fear of a tight elastic waistband digging into my flesh. They are not too short, not too long. I feel like Goldilocks, finally sleeping soundly in Baby Bear's bed.

Three months after giving birth, I've lost nearly all my pregnancy weight and packed up my maternity clothes — all but my three pairs of sleep shorts. I sleep in them every night, I wear them as I clean up the house, and sometimes I even walk the dog in them. My husband will have to torch them in a secret backyard bonfire before I get rid of them.

If you're in the same sweaty boat that I was, set aside $15 for one of the best sleep-related purchases you'll ever make. Destination Maternity has the shorts in several colors online, but you may find seasonal shades at your local store. (I scored a nice lavender pair on sale.)

Plus Size Ruched Waist Maternity Sleep Shorts in Gray

Plus Size Ruched Waist Maternity Sleep Shorts in Gray

If you typically fit into curvy clothes, Destination Maternity has the Plus Size Ruched Waist Maternity Sleep Shorts in Black ($15).