The Power of Birth Affirmations

Hypnobirthing isn't for everyone, but for moms-to-be who are planning a natural childbirth, classes can provide them with tools in their tool belts to help them learn techniques to relax and cope with the intensity of labor and delivery. Instructors tend to hand out CDs remind laboring moms to focus on breathing and positive thoughts, and though it sounds a little weird, it can honestly be really helpful. One of the CDs is often filled with birth affirmations, which you've probably heard about in prenatal yoga classes. You basically say a positive statement either in your mind or out loud, and it helps dissipate fears and manifest the feelings you want to experience. Based on advice from moms who've been through it, we wanted to share some birth affirmations that have built their confidence and made them feel more prepared for childbirth.

  • Our baby's birth will occur at just the right time and just the right way.
  • I trust my body to grow my baby, and I trust my body to birth my baby.
  • My body is strong enough to birth this baby.
  • I enjoy experiencing the power of my body as my birthing muscles bring my baby to me.
  • With each amazing wave, I am letting go more easily.
  • I am releasing to these sensations.
  • I let these waves wash through me as I go deeper into relaxation.
  • I am connected to myself. I am connected to my partner. We are connected to our baby.
  • I welcome strong waves that are bringing my baby closer.
  • Every contraction brings me closer to our baby.
  • The stronger my contractions become, the sooner I meet my baby.
  • I breathe slowly and easily, and it helps my body to let go.
  • I breathe to my baby, and let my breath flow down and out my baby's birth path to show my baby the way.
  • My body is so open that my baby just slides right out and into my arms.
  • I am calm, I am safe, I am relaxed.

Hearing these for the first time is a little odd (or reminds you of SNL's Jack Handey), but if you can get passed feeling weird and say them to yourself, they will help replace your fears with positive feelings.

If you have any affirmations to share, we'd love to hear them as well.