Photographer's Stunning Photo of a Hospital Waiting Room Shows Moms What "Your People" Look Like

When a woman's giving birth, it's no secret that the action is in the delivery room with mom and her main support group, but what most new moms-to-be may not think about is what the support system could look like out in the labor and delivery unit's waiting room. And while birth photographer Jen Pierce typically focuses on the mom bringing her little one into the world, during one recent birth, she took her camera out into the hallway and captured something truly stunning: a crowd of people in the waiting room, all gearing up for any shred of news at any time.

"I want all of my mamas to look at this," Jen wrote on Instagram. "This is something so beautiful that I get to see, but you never do. If for one second, you feel like everyone's life is too busy to be bothered by you, LOOK. AT. THIS."

The photo shows Jen's perspective from down the hallway from the waiting room. The dad-to-be, Matthew Attaway, can be seen looking out at all of the family and friends gathered by the double doors as his wife, Lindsay, was giving birth. "Every time those double doors open as I am leaving the hospital, I look up to see your loved ones, patiently and eagerly waiting. These people will wait night and day for you — no matter the time, no matter how much sleep they have had. These are your people. They'd camp out for days just to be there to support you. It doesn't even matter if they are allowed in the delivery room . . . they will binge watch crappy cable shows and vending machine snacks just to be there for YOU. Don't you ever forget it, babe."

Scroll through to see a few of Jen's gorgeous photos from Lindsay's birth.