A Supermarket Employee Let a Boy With Autism Help Stock Shelves — and the Internet Is Melting

Delaney Edwards Alwosaibi, a woman from Baton Louge, LA, admits that running errands with her brothers Chase and Jack Ryan, who both have autism, can be stressful because of the communication challenges they face. However, in a now-viral Facebook post, Delaney explained that a recent trip to the local grocery store changed everything for 17-year-old Jack Ryan — who she calls Ziggy — when an employee named Jordan let him stock the shelves.

"Talk about a stand up young man!!!! My dad took Ziggy to Rouse's yesterday and apparently he was interested in stocking the shelves," wrote Delaney. "We all know autism makes going out difficult, and sometimes grocery stores can be a challenge. This young man took the time to slow down and allow Jack Ryan to help for over 30 minutes, guiding him as he finished his task."

Delaney's father Sid was so overwhelmed by Jordan's gesture he decided to film it.

"He could have ignored him," said Delaney. "He could have made an excuse and said he couldn't allow him to help. Instead, he let him have his moment and in turn gave my family a moment we will never forget. It might seem like nothing to others, but as you can hear my dad say in the video, 'I'm watching a miracle right now.'"

After the videos went viral, Delaney became determined to track Jordan down in the hopes of thanking him. She eventually found him and learned that he was saving money for college so he could become a teacher. Delaney decided to help Jordan reach his goal that much quicker by starting a GoFundMe in his honor.

"Jack and Jordan stocked the coolers as a team, Jordan encouraging Jack Ryan as he finished each task," wrote Delaney on the GoFundMe page. "Jordan told me he loves math and would like to possibly be an educator someday. All I know is whatever he decides to do he will excel! Thank you to Jordan for what you did for our Ziggy, we will never forget!"