"I Just Want the Truth," Says Mom Whose Toddler Died in a Day Care Van

In Louisville, KY, 2-year-old LaVontae Xavier Swain was found unresponsive after sitting in his day care's transportation van for three to four hours. The toddler tragically passed away after ambulances were called by an alarmed school nurse.

According to local news station WDRB, the toddler was sitting in the sweltering Lil' Kings and Queens Daycare carpool van for hours, likely due to its very long route. This isn't the first time that this particular day care has caused controversy; the state had previously investigated the child care center when it noticed inconsistencies in the transportation attendance log.

LaVontae's mother, Carless Swain, appeared devastated in a video interview, shown above. "He was my only child," she said through tears. Even more tragic, Carless's aunt operates the day care, which will be under investigation as a result of the tragic death. Carless added, "I just want the truth and nothing but the truth."