Would You Let Your Son Dress as Elsa For Halloween?

There's no shortage of news in the parenting world, from differing parenting styles to new studies and beyond. But there are only so many hours in the day, and we can't cover every story that catches our eyes. Take a look at the seven stories you may have missed this week but need to read.

  • Children are clamoring to dress as Frozen characters for Halloween. But one mom was taken aback when her young son said he wanted to trick-or-treat as Elsa. Though she is happy to let her son don a blue sparkly dress at home, she worries what other people will say if he wears it in public. What would you do?
  • We do our best to get ready for baby's arrival, doing everything from reading books to scanning sites. But a new study shows that despite our efforts, new moms and dads are totally unprepared. However, the reason behind it is not so clear. While some say it's due to lack of learning opportunities, other say it's because we have unrealistic expectations of parenthood. What do you think?
  • What's the filthiest thing your child touches? It's not the toilet or the sidewalk — it's the car seat! Researchers found that found more than 100 potentially dangerous bacteria and fungi reside on the average car seat. Scary, right?
  • Adrianna Kenebrew is not the typical gymnast. Not because of her size or stature, but because she is blind. The 11-year-old was diagnosed with glaucoma as a child and, as a result, requires a special cane to find her way around. But Adrianna doesn't let this stop her from flipping through the air. In fact, her skills helped her earn a female athlete of the year award. You go, girl!
  • Cookie Monster has done it again! In Sesame Street's latest pop culture parody, the blue monster takes on the Twilight trilogy. But Cookie and his crew aren't fighting for Team Jacob or Team Edward — they're fighting for Team Cookie. And to be honest, so would we.
  • She's only been a grandmother for a week, but Hillary Clinton is already fawning over the newest addition to her family. Clinton referenced her granddaughter Charlotte in a speech earlier this week, saying she has "just as much God-given potential as a boy who was born in that hospital on the same day." Maybe we'll see the little one run for president in 2052?
  • Has your partner been less active in the bedroom lately? Well, you're not alone. A new study suggests men who are more involved as fathers have lower sex drive. So if you want to have some adult time with hubby, you may want to give him a few days off from his daddy duties.