A Mom Couldn't Get a Baby to Calm Down Until Her Son With Down Syndrome Stepped In

Oakley, a mom of three and writer at Nothing Down About It, recently shared a video that will make anyone with a heart give an audible "awwww." After struggling to get a baby she was watching named Alek to calm down one afternoon, she noticed her son Welles — who has Down Syndrome — do everything in his power to comfort him. As soon as she shared the heartwarming clip, it went viral, and we can't help but hold back tears.

"I could not get our buddy, baby Alek to calm down yesterday. Welles climbed up into the chair and said, 'Mom... baby?' with his arms stretched out," she wrote in the caption. "At that point, I decided he had tummy bubbles and I would let Welles just give him a quick love and then I would go back to rubbing his belly. As soon as I handed him over, he calmed. Welles sat and cuddled him, taking his job of baby whisperer very seriously, as I sat watching, thinking yet again... man, this kid is magical!"

Since being shared on Oct. 3, the video has amassed a whopping three million views and 65,000 shares. And how could it not? Just look at Welles' adorable little face. What an amazing little boy!