Breastfeeding Moms Hold a "Nurse-In" at Local Walmart

When you mess with one nursing mom, you mess with them all. During a routine trip to Walmart, Shawnee Colabella was allegedly mocked by employees for breastfeeding her child in the store. Distraught, the South Carolina mom returned home and vented on the Upstate SC Breastfeeders Facebook page. In an effort to support their own, members of the group organized a nurse-in to take place at the store where Colabella had been humiliated.

As the women nursed, they received positive feedback form fellow customers and several employees. But that did not take away the pain that Colabella felt a few days earlier.

"It made me feel uncomfortable, disrespected, and ostracized," she says. Though Walmart representatives are still investigating the initial incident, they released this statement in response to Colabella's claims:

"We welcome nursing mothers to breastfeed their child in our store. We recognize the intimate and personal nature of the decision a mother makes to breastfeed their child — and we never want to make her feel unwelcome in our stores because of it. We apologize if our customer felt uncomfortable during her store visit."

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