1 Mom Just Got a Beautiful Tattoo to Celebrate Overcoming the Struggles of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is an intimate act between child and mother, and one mama decided to celebrate this special bond by getting a tattoo. In a Facebook post to the Breastfeeding Mama Talk page, a user shared her new ink, writing, "Something special to celebrate overcoming struggles with breastfeeding."

The intricate design features a woman nursing her newborn while carrying a toddler on her back. You've may have also noticed that the mom is depicted as Rosie the Riveter with a very "We can do it!" attitude. The powerful ink serves as a reminder to everyone of the struggles breastfeeding mothers face – like being shamed for nursing in public – and their perseverance in the end.

And speaking of naysayers, when one Facebook user wrote, "I see nothing wrong with breastfeeding, but it would be preferred that you do it away from all to see," the creator of Breastfeeding Mama Talk's page, Kristy, responded, "There is nothing wrong with breastfeeding therefore it need not be hidden from view."

The post — which has over 1,400 likes — has resonated with other mamas on Facebook, and one woman even took to the comments to share her own breastfeeding ink.

If getting a tattoo to celebrate this bond isn't in your comfort zone, however, you'll draw plenty of inspiration from these stunning breastfeeding portraits.