Build-A-Bear's New Shark Week Collection Will Have Your Baby Sharks Flippering Out

Courtesy of Build-A-Bear
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Shark Week is almost upon us, which means it's the perfect time to treat your baby shark to one of Build-A-Bear's new shark-inspired stuffed creations. From the "ferociously fun" Tiger Shark ($29) with its gray stripes and floppy plush fins to the "jawsome" Whale Shark ($29) with spotted blue fur, these stuffing-filled dolls take sharks from scary to snuggly in an instant. Just look at their little fins!

The full Shark Week collection, available in stores and online, includes two shark-themed slap bracelets for kids and plenty of shark-themed accessories for their plushy new friends. Build-A-Bear also offers a Shark Week Gift Set ($63) featuring the shark of your choice covered head to fin in beach-appropriate swimwear. Check out the completely chomp-tastic collection ahead!