After Getting Bullied For His Homemade T-Shirt, This Boy's Logo Is Becoming a University Design

The University of Tennessee is adopting a new design after seeing a homemade logo from a young Florida boy. This elementary school student endured bullying and teasing from his classmates after he wore a handmade Tennessee t-shirt to school for college colors day, and his teacher, Laura Snyder, swiftly posted the story on Facebook in hopes of getting him an official shirt of his very own. Little did she know the social media community would bubble this touching story up to the top.

"This particular child came to me and told me that he wanted to wear a University of Tennessee shirt, but he didn't have one," she wrote in her post. "We discussed that he could wear an orange shirt to show his spirit. He told me every day leading up to it that he had an orange shirt that he was going to wear."

"So when the day finally arrived, he was SO EXCITED to show me his shirt," she continued. "Some girls at the lunch table next to his (who didn't even participate in college colors day) had made fun of his sign that he had attached to his shirt. He was DEVASTATED."

Laura requested Facebook's help in finding an "extra special" University of Tennessee shirt for her student. Her plea quickly went viral and reached the University, which offered to send a care package to the young boy and his classmates. Laura said he picked out a jersey and a hat, and helped pass out UT "swag" to the other kids. And the fun had just begun . . .

The university took things one step further and made the student's design into an official school t-shirt. Now, any fans can purchase a shirt of their own and a portion of the proceeds will go to STOMP Out Bullying, a national anti-bullying foundation.

"When I told him that his design was being made into a real shirt and people wanted to wear it, his jaw dropped," Laura wrote in her post update. "He had a big smile on his face, walked taller, and I could tell his confidence grew today!"