29 Times Busy Philipps and Her Daughters Were Cooler Than We'll Ever Be

Busy Philipps just might be a unicorn — and we're not even talking about how good she looks with rose gold hair. She's an actress, an author, a soon-to-be talk-show host (her E! show, Busy Tonight, premieres Oct. 28), and the raddest mom of two we've ever seen.

Busy and her daughters, 10-year-old Birdie and 5-year-old Cricket, aren't shy about showing off their fun times, best and worst moments, and enviable styles on Instagram, and we're totally here for every pregnancy flashback, mom-inspired Halloween costume, and vacation photo. But despite Busy being a celebrity and all, she's also relatable as hell. A few examples? She's battled an airline when they separated her from her kid, beautifully responded to body shamers, and is generally an awesome role model for women of all ages. OK, so we obviously have a major girl (and kid!) crush, but after you check out the following 29 photos of Busy, Cricket, and Birdie showing off their inherent fabulousness, we guarantee you will, too!


Shady Ladies

"Literally no denying THEY ARE MINE," Busy captioned a photo while on vacation with her daughters in March 2018. We love the shades.


Sugar High

"Too bad these kids aren't having any fun in New York," Busy captioned this photo from June 2018. "Thanks . . . Flour Shop for giving Cricket a cup of sprinkles which she drank like water."


Cricket's First Day of Kindergarten

"This person nailed her first day at kindergarten. Her mother has been crying most of the day," Busy admitted in August 2018 after she sent daughter Cricket off to her first day of school.


Girl Power

"Proud of how proud of her strength she is," Busy captioned a photo of herself posing with daughter Birdie in March 2018.



For Halloween last year, Birdie dressed up just like her mama, rocking a jean jacket, flowy dress, cell phone, and some pink hair. Little sister Cricket looked on in amusement.


Fun at the Fair

"While I was cleansing . . .," Busy captioned this photo or Cricket eating popcorn and a shaved ice over Labor Day 2018.


Coconut Kid

Who wouldn't want to devour a plate of coconut like Birdie did in August 2018 on a family trip to Mexico?


Busy in Labor

"This is me. Ten years ago, laboring at home, eating a sandwich cause I was hungry, I guess. My doula is checking the baby's heart rate with a monitor but that baby's heart rate never dropped. She was steady the entire seventeen hours of hard labor and three hours of pushing. Just waiting to show up the way she wanted to, in her own time, cause that's SO who she is, although I didn't know it yet," Busy captioned this photo, taken 10 years ago and posted in honor of daughter Birdie's 10th birthday.


Sunscreen Handled

Busy shared a cute picture of Cricket enjoying a vacation to Punta Mita in August 2018 while wearing plenty of sunscreen. So cute!


Disney Break

For her 10th birthday in August 2018, Cricket proved that Minnie ears can look totally cool.


Family Brunching

In August 2018, Busy shared a photo of her family brunching with friends in a scene that looks way cooler than any kid friendly brunch we've ever attended.


Snuggle Time

"My 10-year-old baby," Busy captioned this photo from August 2018, proving that no matter how old your kids are, they're never too big to snuggle.


Disneyland Musings

"Things we learned today at Disneyland: Cricket loves roller coasters but Olaf scared the sh*t out of her . . . Jumpsuits are still a pain, even if you can pee out the side; someone needs to make a snap crotch . . . Cotton candy at 11 a.m. seems fun but will hurt your stomach. Space Mountain is still the best ride tied with Cars," Busy captioned this photo from August 2018.


Sundress Stroll

"My little ray of light," Busy captioned this photo of herself and Cricket taking a stroll in two cute sundresses in August 2018.


Sibling Love

"They're getting along too well today. Waiting for the inevitable fallout," Busy captioned this photo from August 2018, echoing a thought pretty much every parent has had on a day when your kids are actually playing well together.


Camp Homecoming

"I got my kid back," she captioned this photo of herself and Birdie in August 2018, after her daughter returned from a week at Summer camp.


Stage Family

"Yesterday, while we were waiting to watch her Sissy fly, Cricket and I chilled casually against a brick wall in our hoops," Busy captioned this photo from August 2018. The "flying?" Big sister Birdie caught some air while playing Wendy in her camp's production of Peter Pan.


Angel Baby

"My tiny angel. Also, the clip-on hoops we found at Melody Ehsani Shop are everything, and I'm truly dying at Cricket in giant hoops 'like mama.' IT'S TOO CUTE," Busy captioned a photo from August 2018.


Tween Pose

"She informed me that in three years she'll officially be a teenager to which I replied, 'Baby, you've been one for five years already,'" she captioned this photo of Birdie from June 2018.


Babes in Black

"She said 'Mama, I've got a really good pose,'" Busy wrote alongside this photo with Cricket in April 2018. "Is it just me or does she look like a saint or something? Like she's giving a blessing?"


Rolling Through the Airport

"Vacation is over," Busy captioned this photo in July 2018, but daughter Cricket was handling it in style, pulling her Skip Hop unicorn suitcase.


Matching Mr. Nightgowns

Busy's daughters have dubbed her favorite Natalie Martin dresses Mr. Nightgown, and Cricket got one in her own size just in time for a mommy and me cuddle session in July 2018.


Morning Glory

In July 2018, Busy captioned this gorgeous photo of Cricket: "I woke up like this."


Crazy Hair Day

Busy helped Cricket and Birdie create crazy hair for camp using Coke bottles in June 2018, but it's those cute jackets we're really loving.


Sleepy Shopper

"Multitasking at the mall," she wrong alongside this June 2018 photo of a stylish mama and a tired Cricket.


Saturday Shopping

Cricket showed off her sweet style in a photo Busy posted in June 2018.


Yoga on the Beach

Over Memorial Day weekend 2018, Cricket showed off her yoga skills on the beach.


Just the Girls

"Just some teen models hanging out," Busy captioned this photo with Birdie.


Mama Bear

On International Women's Day in March 2017, Busy posed with her daughters, writing, "'Here's to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.' (Unknown) Listen, I'm trying my best every damn day." We salute you, Busy!