The Most Stunning C-Section Photos Birth Photographers Have Ever Taken

Kerfox Photography
Kerfox Photography

Although some people continue to debate C-sections versus vaginal births, there are talented birth photographers proving that no matter how you have a baby, it's miraculous and should be captured. As one of the co-founders of Birth Becomes Her, Monet Nicole knows that birth photographers love C-sections. For many, these birth stories are some of the most rewarding they ever capture.

C-section moms are some of the bravest and strongest women we know. In the moments leading up to surgery, a C-section mother must hold onto the strong and fierce love she has for her baby. She lets fear wash over her . . . and then she lets it drift away. Although she knows a C-section birth is the best choice for her or her baby, she also knows she'll endure major surgery with real wounds and scars.

Some women have weeks to mentally prepare for a C-section, but many only have hours or minutes. Suddenly, everything she envisioned when meeting her child has changed: the room she'll be in, the position she'll be in, who will be surrounding her. We humans don't tend to do well in situations of sudden change. And yet these brave mothers find a way to let go of their pride and connect with an inner-strength that allows them to enter the operating room and give birth to their child.

In honor of these incredible mamas, check out this collection of stunning C-section birth photos from photographers across the world. "We're here to say to all Cesarean moms: your birth stories are beautiful, powerful, and worth seeing and sharing," Monet wrote on the Birth Becomes Her blog. "#EveryBirthIsBeautiful."