We Can't Get Enough of the Videos Carrie Underwood Shares of Her Toddler and Baby Son

Carrie Underwood and her husband, Mike Fisher, are parents to two beautiful boys — Isaiah and Jacob — whom they luckily share photos and videos of on Instagram fairly often. While we're obsessed with every new photo of baby Jacob that's posted by Carrie or Mike, we're also greedy for the family videos they post that include the kids doing sweet and hilarious things.

Keep reading to watch some of the best videos Carrie and Mike have posted of their two kids — we're currently watching them all on loop.

This Video of Jacob Crying When Mike Sings but Loving When Carrie Sings

This Video of Carrie Singing Happy Birthday to Jacob With Helium

This Video of Mike and Isaiah Helping a Pregnant Carrie Tie Her Shoes

This Video of Isaiah Welcoming People to Nashville For CMA Fest

This Video of Mike Letting Isaiah Trim His Beard

This Video of Isaiah Learning to Call Turkeys

This Video of Mike and Isaiah Reading a Story About Noah's Ark

This Video of Isaiah Belly Flopping Into a Kiddie Pool