Channing Tatum Made Slime With His Daughter, and His Reaction Is Gold

Instagram | Channing Tatum

Slime. The sticky, colorful goop that your kids probably beg you to make whenever they're hanging around the house. And while it can be a real pain in the behind to make, it seems like we're not the only one with kiddos who obsess over this gooey trend. According to Channing Tatum's Instagram Story, he spent an afternoon getting his hands dirty making slime with his 5-year-old daughter, Everly. And honestly, their back-and-forth banter will just melt your heart.

At first, you hear Everly commenting how much of a mess the project is. Even she says, "I really need to get this off!" The 38-year-old dad replies with, "Oh man, we're never getting this off," which seems likely thanks to all those pesky little rainbow spheres.

As Channing documents more of their crafting experience, you can hear him say, "I don't want to touch it . . . ew, it's still sticky!" and who knew he was so squeamish! Read through to get a look at how the pair spent their afternoon, and try not to completely swoon over his selfie.